MIL-DTL-24466C Green Nuclear Polyethylene 4 Mil and 6 Mil

MIL-DTL-24466C specifies the polyethylene barrier material used by the US Navy for various nuclear applications. Our material is manufactured in accordance with L-P-378 Type II and is free of any contaminants. Our Green Nuclear Polyethylene is certified to MIL-DTL-24466C and lab test certifications are provided with every order that note the absence of mercury or any related heavy metal compounds and adherence to the MIL-DTL-24466C standard for water-leachable chemical compounds including Bromide, Chloride, Fluoride, and Sulfur.

Custom Bag Sizes Conforming With
MIL-DTL-24466C Green Nuclear Polyethylene 4 Mil and 6 Mil 

  • Available in Any Size
  • No Min Order Quantity

Other Product Formats Include

  • Tubing (3" to 60" Width x Any Length)
  • Lay-Flat Sheeting
  • Flat Bottom Bags & Shrouds
  • Large Format Blankets / Tarps

Roll Stock Material Conforming to:
MIL-DTL-24466C (Green Nuclear Polyethylene Film)
Plastic Sheet, Polyolefin, 4 Mil & 6 Mil Film
Type II - High Strength Polyethylene Film, 4 Mil & 6 Mil

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